Our own Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) department holds its own Document of Complient (DOC), which means we are certified to manage everything ourselves. This is the only way to ensure that everything can and will be held up to the standards we have, and that we can offer a high degree of flexibility towards our charterers in regards to implementation of procedures and requirements.

A1 HSEQ background

Our HSEQ department consists of people with real maritime background as seafarers working on many different types of vessels - This gives us an insight to the practical maritime world, which can only be obtained by firsthand experience.


As seafarers ourselves, we know how important safety is, and we know, how large a role any single person onboard and at the office can play in any projects safe operations. We wholeheartedly embrace the Stop Work Authority for every person onboard and our set goal is to use this authority too often, rather than too seldom. 

We acknowledge that safety on paper doesn't always necessarily transcend into safety in practical application, which is why we've decided that our guidelines and checklists are to regular review, where input from our seafarers is one of the most valuable feedback.


Our seafarers health is of outmost importance to us, which is why we have strict requirements and restrictions on how we operate and which products we use, considering both short and long term consequences. We'll always use the least harmful available product, and we'll only use products accompanied by a proper Safety Data Sheet. If no SDS is for a product, the product will be returned to vendor or discarded to shore.

We make sure that the right barriers are in place, when they are required, but we'll always strive to use products, where the requirements for barriers is as little as possible. A proactive approach to health is the best way for us to have our seafarers working with us for years to come. 


We respect and admire our planet, and we want to preserve it for generations to come. This is why we chose to operate in the sustainable energy field, and this is why we're constantly analysing and improving our vessels performance figures.

We also know how important proper onboard vessel management is in regards to for example fuel-saving inititiatives - To highlight one recent example of how well our crew are able to perform, a vessel we recently took over managed to cut its' fuel consumption by 15% to 25% (dependant on type of operation). This was achieved solely with proper seamanship.


A1 Offshore Solutions consists of a team with background from numerous types of both shorebased and maritime operations. We know the importance of having the right procedures in place, and we make sure, that all our procedures are flexible, updateable and manageable.

All our procedures are subject to regular captains review, management review and class review, to make sure they're always in compliance with all requirements and they're always relevant, appropriate and up-to-date.

Since we fully control our own quality systems, we also have the possibility to quickly implement charterer procedures and requirements, ensuring that all involved parties have procedures aligned for the specific task at hand.

With Safety We Perform

This slogan is our mantra. Any and every approach to solving any assignment will be based on our "How can this be solved safely" rather than "how can this be solved fast" or "how can this be solved easily".

If it can't be done safely, we'll make it safe.

Internal Management and DOC

To ensure that vessel management is held to our high standards, we manage all our vessels ourselves. We hold our own Document of Compliance and class all our vessels with Det Norske Veritas / Germanischer Lloyd (DNV-GL) and follow strict Danish maritime legislation


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